Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Service to Mankind is my toast: Patrick : Co2017

(Hi again. Patrick is one guy who seemed to be a 'poetry in motion' in his story. Vastly experienced with the US Army, he is probably one guy with whom I will share a taste for the Land of ideas 'Deutschland'. Willkommen in der Gruppe Patrick :) Lets hear it from the Sweet, Lovely, Handsome Gentleman from the States. Probably 1 charming guy who can do it all. Laugh , sing , dance and moreover - lead and work for the community. Gl├╝ckliche, eine Klasse mit Ihnen teilen meaning Always happy to share a class with you mate !)

I grew up an Army Brat, moving from state to state. After graduating high school in Chesapeake, Virginia, I attended Wake Forest University at the pinnacle of its basketball (ranked #1), football (Orange Bowl), soccer (National Championship), and field hockey (National Championship) days. ….No… I didn’t play any of those sports in college…I have the will without the skill.

           I always wanted to join the military; I viewed it as an opportunity to serve, to grow (learn/mature/experience), and to travel. The Army, as it turns out, met all of these expectations. I joined the Army in 2008 as a Medical Service Corps Officer. In my time in the Army, I have had stereotypical Army Officer leadership positions such as Platoon Leader (in charge of 50+ folks) and Company Command (in charge of 70+ folks) as well as staff positions, in which I worked on teams that collaborated, synchronized, and implemented process improvement strategies across numerous organizations with diverse missions. I began my career at a base in a small town in Louisiana, and felt as if I won the lottery when my next assignment was in Bavaria, Germany. I split my time at those locations with two separate tours in Afghanistan. I am now finishing up my last several months in uniform before I trade it in for some khaki pants and a button-down.
                           (And that is why folks come here in September )
The last seven years have been a blessing and a learning experience. The Army does a great job of challenging individuals early, instilling a system of shared values, and providing opportunities to work as team to achieve a mutually desired end state. I hope to bring my experiences and values to the classrooms at SMU’s Cox School of Business. I am looking forward to learning from my teammates in class, expanding my network, and gaining exposure to a variety of career paths to include: healthcare administration, real estate, logistics, and consulting.

Why an MBA from Cox?
            -Network: I am new to Dallas (my wife is from here) but we plan on making it our home. The talented group of peers, the Cox Alumni Network, and the Associate Board Mentor Program will make my transition to the corporate world much easier.
            -Location: SMU is nestled in a city with 19 Fortune 500 companies. My wife is from here. ‘Nough said.
            -Culture and campus feel: Great people, beautiful campus, and a strong support for folks from all backgrounds (to include a robust program to support vets).

After we move to Dallas this summer, I hope to participate in a variety of pre-MBA and career transition programs in the months leading up to class. I also hope to get back into volunteering and obstacle runs (Tough Mudder or similar). I am looking forward to meeting my classmates in August. If any incoming Cox MBA students want to get together this summer, please drop me a line through our accepted students Facebook group.

(Allianz Arena. Happy memories from the past. Bastain Shwainsteiger, Phillip Lahm, Thomas Muller and now the legend Arjen Robben. A nation that will take an opponent heads on. Germany.)

My next guest is from the corporate world. Someone who takes a call from THE leading brand when it comes to journalism and news reporting. Well at least I am enamored by its shows- click, Impact, Focus Africa - simply no limit to the list. I take a pick at the British Broadcasting Corporation to get an insight into doing business in the media sector.

                                 Well for now. Hope you enjoy Patrick's story. Thanks !

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