Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FIRST LOOK : the Book

Testimonials from the publisher and contributors :-
                       (releasing June end,2015)

Anu Sharma
It was a great honour to be working with talented and motivated group of people; for a noble cause. It was an enjoyable experience sharing my unseen work with all. Special thanks to the COX MBA team for their efforts in compiling the project and getting the book published too.

Arun Sharma
 An excellent idea to bring creativity closer to social service is Melange. The motive behind is selfless service to the most needy kids supported by an ashram!.May the efforts fructify!

Vikas Kanukollu
Its always a proud feeling to be associated that brings me to close to the society even in the most subtle ways. I would like to congratulate the project, SMU Melange for coming up with such a noble thought and I'm happy to be associated with them.

Flexcia D'Souza
It was a pleasure contributing to a book being published for social cause. As a writer it is a great feeling to pen down your experiences and reach out to people. My experience at Kanthari thoroughly changed my perspective about life. So it sounded like a great idea when Arnab approached me regarding this book and I was happy to be sharing my experience with you guys. All the best to the team and hoping you guys achieve success in your initiative.

Dr.Shaista Irshad
It's really a great feeling having been published in the melange project 2015 specially the creative drawing of my 6 years old kiddo... The talent had been identified n picked when I was least expecting. I truly appreciate his aesthetic sense....he indeed is a connoisseur of talent... God bless.

Shivangi Jain
It feels great being connected to a project that strives to do so much for a social cause. It is important that we, as social beings, don't forget our responsibilities towards others. Writing is a powerful tool and I hope this project brings out best fruits of it's intentions.

A Note from the Publisher and Editor - Nikhil Katkar and Sayan Dey
It is universally accepted that childhood is the best stage of human life. The greatest philosophers and socio-political leaders have earned endless applause for the sake of advocating this. But, a perennial question continues to inflict our society that whatever is preached, Is it practiced? I don’t think it is so. Thus it gives me immense pleasure to be given the wonderful privilege of associating myself with this social project meant for recover the erased smile for/from the millions of children across the world. This project undertaken by Cox School in collaboration with Airavat Publishing House, Mumbai sows the seeds of a dormant vision that will one sprout and branch globally. Best Wishes. 

Dr. Savita Datt,Fonder & Managing Trustee,Prakash Deep Trust
What you are doing is indeed impressive. I wish you the best and success all through. Working for the underprivileged selflessly is an enriching experience. The fact that you thought about Prakash Deep is moving! The volunteers conducted the project with dedication and a lot of enthusiasm. They inspired our children to work harder and aspire for greater heights. The gifts were well thought of and were gratefully received. Thanks once again. 

Amol Redij, celebrated writer and poet
Frankly, I got to know about this project accidentally. Initially I had a very casual approach to it thinking it might just be any other thing of sorts. However, gradually, as I got engaged with the association I began to get deeply interested in their on goings. I feel elated and immensely proud to be associated with project Melange and the humble activities it is carrying out. I wish them all the luck and also promise to stand by them at all times and in whatever means I can.